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  • Mystery under sail

    R is for Rik

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    I’m Rik. I have been on board with Alexandria Publishing Group since close to its inception. I tend to be mostly a non-writing support person. I do write, I have written and been published…

  • R. Random thoughts #AtoZChallenge

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    Dear reader, Random thoughts indeed. Very random perhaps, but as human beings we sometimes Ramble all over the place, and that can be Relieving, Refreshing and Rewarding. As you see, there are lots of Rs…

  • Q. Quality #AtoZChallenge

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    Quality over quantity. How many times have you heard it? Plenty, I bet. There’s a simple reason. Top notch quality, a top of the line product, means so much more than a plethora of…

  • reading to people

    P. is for People (WR)

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    Greetings “Help, I need somebody Help, not just anybody…” The Beatles recorded Help on my 19th birthday in 1965. And we all need somebody at some point. And while cats are wonderful, people are important. Actually,…

  • P. Paul #AtoZChallenge

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    Dear reader,   Maybe you know me and my books, maybe you don’t. Either way, it’s good to ‘meet’ you through this strange media called the internet and weblogs. Together with Kai Wilson I’m one of the…

Apr 23

T. Trends #AtoZBloggingChallenge

photo credit: Eric Pruis at   Do you remember the fashion trends of the early 1990s? I do. Neon – nay, fluorescent – colors that burned the eyeballs. Baby-doll dresses. Trench coats everywhere. Leggings and…

Apr 22

S is for Scapple #AtoZChallenge

I love Scrivener. It’s the software program that allows me to write my novel and keep it structured. It includes virtual index cards, allows for multiple documents, helps make sure you don’t lose any…

Apr 15

M is for Mary Ann #AtoZChallenge

  I’m Mary Ann Peden-Coviello, and I’ve been a member of Alexandria Publishing Group since very nearly the beginning. I was, to be honest, completely gobsmacked at the invitation. What a terrific group of writers,…

Apr 15
M is for Marketing #atozchallenge

M is for Marketing #atozchallenge

I hope every independent author knows by now that the job’s not finished just because you click that Publish button. Marketing is essential if you want to be a successful indie author. Here are…

Apr 14

L. Libraries #AtoZ Blogging Challenge

photo credit: Lutgradio at   Libraries. Big ones. Small ones. How I love them all. When I was in grade school, my favorite day of the week was Library Day, that glorious day when we…

Apr 12

K is for Killer ideas, and how to keep them organised #AtoZchallenge

OK.  Here’s the thing. Many MANY writers get inspiration in the funniest places.  I know I do.  Hanging upside down from a tree over a river was about the worst place.  Best idea in the…

Apr 12

K is for Kai #AtoZchallenge #Introductions

HI! My name’s Kai, and I’m happy to introduce myself today. I’m the press officer/(social media) marketing manager/writer and website maintainer.  I’m also (for the last two years at least), the editor-in-chief/curator for the anthology. And I…

Apr 11
J. Jewels

J. Jewels

“There are two typos of people in this world: those who can edit, and those who can’t.” – Jarod Kintz A good editor is more valuable than jewels. Consider this scenario: Suppose you’re floating on a…

Apr 10

I is for Inspiration #AtoZChallenge

I’ve been thinking since we talked about doing this challenge about how to write about inspiration.  I mean, how exactly do you write about the things that inspire you to write? Do you talk…

Apr 9

H. Horizons #AtoZChallenge

Photo: Library of Congress   I don’t know about you, but horizons have always intrigued me. What’s over the hill? What’s beyond that curve? What lands lie on the other side of the water? Maybe that’s…

Apr 8

G. Greed

In my opinion greed is the motivation for all evil in the world. The ultimate evil if you will. Greed for money. Greed for power. Greed for attention. Greed for control. Greed for food. Greed…

Apr 7

F. Future #AtoZChallenge

Dear reader, Welcome to the future. So many people say that the future is now. Actually the future is always just around the corner of the next second, so it’s never quite within reach. What does…

Apr 5

E. Expectations

This week we saw the final episode of How I Met Your Mother. They ended the series with a twist that I personally hated. Be warned – thar be spoilers ahead. As a writer you…

Apr 3

C is for Commas

  C is for commas. What a boring topic. Well, hold on for a minute. Commas are amongst the tiniest bits of punctuation. They murmur; they don’t shout. Semi-colons might make a writer seem snooty.…

Apr 2
B. Balance

B. Balance

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” –Albert Einstein Reading advice on the internet is a good way to get whiplash. Do a search on just about anything.…

Apr 1

A. Alexandria

Dear reader, You may wonder why I picked Alexandria for the kick-off of this A-Z blogging madness. Yet you may not wonder as this should be fairly obvious. After all, Alexandria is in our name.…

Mar 27
Servant of the Gods will be featured on EbookSoda

Servant of the Gods will be featured on EbookSoda

Servant of the Gods will be featured on EbookSoda on Friday, March 28. Orphaned as a child, Irisi became a mercenary to survive. Captured by the Egyptian army and made the spoils of war, she finds…

Mar 22
A Girl Named Sandy

A Girl Named Sandy – Chapter 1

Dear reader,   As promised, here is chapter 1 of the new book “A Girl Named Sandy“. I hope you like the start, and I can promise that it will only get…

Mar 20

The Blogging from A-Z Challenge, 2014

Once again, we’re taking part in the A-Z challenge, and thought we’d let you all know.  We’ve got some cracking posts planned for this year, so please do check back and see what we’ve…

Mar 20

Breaking Your Own Genre Barriers

  “I only read romance.” “I never read romance.” “I only like mysteries and thrillers. Everything else leaves me cold.” “I read only ‘real’ literature, no genre trifles for me.” Have you heard people say things like this? Have…