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    What’s another year…

    Dear reader, Johnny Logan took the question right out of my mouth. What’s another year? 2015 seemed to have flown by. Maybe you feel the same way about it. Looking back at the past 364 days, I think it was a good year for the Alexandria Publishing Group. Our very own Kai released her impressive…

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    Tomorrow the weird writers start again

    This, dear reader, is the symbol for madness in writing. National Novel Writer’s Month. It’s not so much ‘national’ any more as global. This is the month where tens of thousands of people will do their best to kill their keyboards. Not literally, but they will all have a go at typing a full novel,…

  • prescriptivism
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    Yes, dear reader, prescriptivism. I’ve been ‘accused’ of that. For those who, like me, had or have no idea what that is: Linguistic prescription according to Wikipedia: Linguistic prescription (or prescriptivism) is the practice of elevating one variety or manner of language use over another. It may imply some forms are incorrect, improper, illogical, lack communicative effect,…

  • Francis and Frankie 320

    A new book. Again.

    Yes, it is here, dear reader. The new book. An urban fantasy that allows you a peek into the life of a writer. Note that not all writers have a cat like Francis has! The book is available in the following places: Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iTunes. The paperback will take a little more…

  • library of alexandria
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    How we try to make a difference

    Dear reader, What do you like about books? I am quite convinced that you say a book has to be ‘good’. It’s what I say too. And what is ‘good’? That’s probably different for many readers, for many reasons. Good can be the price, of course. But good also can mean a captivating story that…

  • cheating to survive
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    How Christine Ardigo started living the dream

    Dear reader, Christine is one of the precious romance writers who live here at the Alexandria Publishing Group. I asked how what drove her to writing her first book, and the answer was quite a surprise! Her first romance novel is called “Cheating to Survive“. It’s not your typical contemporary romance novel. There are no billionaires,…